5 Things to Do During Idle Time

In the course of your career, there will surely be some time where you don’t have anything to do. This is pretty normal as long as it only takes a few hours or days. If however, it has been going on for weeks or worse even months, then you will definitely be bored at some point doing absolutely nothing.

Below are five things to do at work if you are idle.

1. Clean You Email

When your very busy with tons of work, it is very easy to forget to clean up and organize your email. Idle time is the perfect time to clean your inbox. Delete finished tasks or conversations and organize the rest in folders. This may also be applicable to the papers on your desk.

2. Help Someone Else

While you are bored doing nothing, someone from your department or even a friend from outside your department might be swamped with work and would welcome a helping hand just to accomplish tasks that they have to do. Don’t worry if you do not know anything about their work, a quick run to the photocopy machine would still be a big help for someone who has a lot on their plate. Who knows, when the time comes that you are the one with a lot on the plate they may be idle and would be more than willing to lend a hand.

3. Ask For More Work

If everyone else in the office has nothing for you to do then the next best thing to do is to talk to your supervisor/boss and ask if there is something they can assign to you. This is a good way to also get noticed and be given additional responsibilities in the office if they see that you can do yours easily.

4. Learn a New Skill

Most offices have their own library of books. Even if yours does not have any, there are a lot of ebooks or websites that can help you in whatever skill that you might want to learn to help you advance in your career.

5. Socialize

Take this time to get to know more about your office mates. This will help you know more about them better and connect with them. After all, you spend at least 8 hours a day with them, might as well get to know them properly. In fact, it can even make your job easier since it is more fun working with friends than with just plain office mates. Just make sure that you are not preventing them from doing their work when you do this.


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